Weather Change - SMOG in Punjab
Smog to persist for several days in the Punjab; Citizens of Lahore are complaining of breathing difficulties and irritable eyes as a blanket of thick smog. Visibility plunged to less than 20 metres and citizens wore face masks to help with breathing. Low visibility caused closure of portions of Motorway at midnight, besides hampering vehicular movement on almost entire National Highway.
Excessive Pollution has made the atmosphere suffocating even indoors, putting even housewives and children at huge risk of getting eye, skin, lungs, ear, nose and throat complications. Lahore has recently been listed amongst the top 10 worst cities for smog in 2014 according to the DeutcheWelle website. In places near irrigation canals, rice paddies and rivers where there is more moisture available, the fog gets even thicker. The smog only gets cleared when it rains. Smog started in Lahore and other cities of the Punjab from 31st October, 2016 and is consistantly prevailing till now. ThePunjabGovernment has hinted that school activities would be halted if the #smog situation worsened in the province and has asked public to take reasonable precautions against smog to protect themselves and their families.

How to Combat Smog in Lahore?
Keep your windows closed. 
Be it your vehicle, office or home.
Ensure that the smog is not getting inside an enclosed room or space.
Car windows should be kept closed at all times. 
For people with asthma and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have your inhaler with you at all times.
Wear masks to protect yourself & your children.
Frequent eye washed should be done for clear vision

As per the weather advisory received from Pakistan Airforce the following warning is being issued for further necessary action please:22 - 27th July 2015, Scattered rainfall expected across South Punjab26 - 29th July 2015 - Strong Monsoon expected in Upper Punjab areas. r Urban/Flash Flooding is possible in low lying areasRivers kabul, Indus and Chenab may attain medium to high level of Floods All related are advised to observe caution.

Friday, November 4, 2016