Meeting of the Cabinet Committee

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meeting of the Cabinet Committee was held at Committee Room, PDMA Punjab on Saturday - 11th July 2015 from 14:30 hours to 15:30 hours. The meeting was presided over by Minister for Home Department Punjab - Mr. Shuja Khanzada. (1)  In the meeting it was shared that so far 3 deaths in Narowal, and 8 deaths in Rawalpindi have been confirmed. It was decided that District Governments should pay  Death Compensation to the families of deceased within 24 hours, after ensuring that death is genuinely flood related. The amount will, then, be reimbursed to districts later. (2)  Met department should share the updated information with all relevant departments at regular intervals, also considering the cloud precipitation and rainfall pattern in the adjacent Indian areas.  (3)  SUPARCO should share what satellite are they using for collecting data.  (4)  A letter (copy to Minister Home Deptt. and the Chief Secretary Punjab) to be sent out to all Divisional Commissioners and DCOs for removal of encroachments during next 3 to 4 weeks, and report back. (5)  Met Deptt. should provide qualitative Data on impact of rainfall on inflow and outflow of nullahs to Irrigation deptt. on regular basis. (6)  Met Deptt. should find out what system Accu-Weather is using that enables them to forecast so accurately. (7) PDMA, Rescue 1122, SUPARCO, Met Deptt. & Irrigation to check, monitor, and verify the Accu-Weather forecasts for rainfall, temperature, 7 days’ advance predictions, for 3 to 4 days, and each department to share the findings in the next meeting, and empirically verify the authenticity of Accu-Weather data. All departments can then use the free of cost resource, for their benefit(8)  PDMA should contact Accu-Weather to have paid information, and access to forecasting about the spread and intensity of rains in a particular area(9)  Reference decision taken in today’s meeting, all Departments should be intimated by PDMA to prepare duty rosters, and ensure that staff is on duty on 24/7 basis(10)  The Chair – Minister for Home Department – concluded the meeting with the remarks that people are on board to tackle any situation, pre-flood arrangements are all complete and in place, systems intact, and if God forbid, there is a Flood, Punjab is prepared to effectively manage the situation.