Precautionary Measures Against SMOG

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Precautionary Measures Against SMOG

A huge wave of SMOG has engulfed mainly Central Pakistan due to Pollution, our friendly neighbor farmers and lesser rainfall; affecting visibility, forcing people to staying indoors & other health related problems.
As an info, situation will prevail for almost next 2 months, unless it rains.
The term SMOG describes; a mixture of Emissions under Specific Climate Conditions. These emissions include:-
1) Industrial pollutants, Car & other vehicle pollutants.
2) Open burning / Incinerators.

Effects of SMOG
The Smog is relatively toxic and can cause Respiratory problems, Coughing, Eye irritation, Itchy skin and Headache.

Precautions Include
1) Avoid being outdoors near heavy traffic areas to minimize exposure.
2) When outside, take rest breaks in the shade & drink plenty of water.
3) Avoid strenuous work outdoors.
4) Reduce your contribution to pollution by avoiding driving & smoking.
5) If driving is unavoidable, drive slow & use headlights plus fog lights / blinkers / hazards even in say time.
6) When indoors, close windows & other inlets of air.
7) For people with asthma & / or chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, have your inhaler with you at all times. Keep your doctor on speed dial if your condition has the potential to worsen.
8) Important to note that smog affects everyone differently & some people are more susceptible to its negative effects.
9) Children, elders & people with asthma  need to be especially careful on smoggy days.
10) Bike users must use face masks & glasses to protect their eyes.
11) Drink plenty of water & wash your eyes frequently.

Stay Safe