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The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) is a comprehensive endeavor towards combating natural or man-induced disasters at the provincial and local level for securing lives and livelihoods of the affected people. Constituted under the NDM Act (National Disaster Management Act) in 2010, PDMA specializes in mitigation, preparedness and an organized response to a disaster. The most important role of PDMA lies in providing a platform for all provincial departments to come together and strategize management and response to disasters and calamities. PDMA also acts as the coordinating authority, which articulates the coordination mechanism between key provincial departments including Rescue 1122, Civil Defense, District Governments and Police for immediate rescue and rehabilitation operations. In case of a disaster, PDMA not only oversees search, rescue and evacuation of the affected people, but also takes concrete measures to provide immediate relief, early recovery and long-term rehabilitation to them. In case of emergencies, the PDMA works closely with District Governments to organize initial and subsequent assessment of disaster affected areas, and determine the course of action to ensure long-term rehabilitation of the affected population.


To manage the spectrum of all types of disasters by adopting various techniques in disaster risk reduction in planning at all levels and enhancing the capacities for disaster preparedness, response and recovery